New reference material added: Forbidden Lore & Consolidated OD&D rules

I just added two new references to the references section of this blog:
I'm probably soon going to jump around a bit more in the LBB as I am itching to get to the combat section of the game. The goal here is primarily to have a playable rule set as soon as possible and the combat rules are the most pressing (and missing) part right now. Since I do not have any experience with Chainmail I will have to do quite some research. The goal here will be to present a more or less unified combat ruleset closely matching the intention of Chainmail. More soon...


  1. My own Epées & Sorcellerie should be available in English within days. Hope it could suggest some readings and points on the OD&D / Chainmail combo.

  2. Please post a comment as soon as it is available. I am very much looking forward to that!