Looking for a name for volume I of 'The Fantasy Game'

I'm plodding steadily ahead with volume I of 'The Fantasy Game'. Yesterday I finished the first version of the first page inside the covers (but don't fret - many other more important parts also have long been written ;-) ) and here it is:

Now for the difficult question: I do not really like 'Swords & Spells' - although I couldn't give a specific reason. Maybe it's just too far away from 'Men & Magic'... who knows. So I hereby ask for input - win yourself a place in the credits for 'The Fantasy Game' and suggest a decent title for volume I. I'm open for all suggestions posted here!

And BTW... you still can get free print issues of 'The Fantasy Game' once it is finished - just follow this blog via the button to the right! 


  1. Um... Characters & Magic? Bit lame I know but to the point...

  2. Awesome first page btw!

    How about telling a very, very short story in the titles of each of the volumes:

    To the dark beneath; First steps towards immortality; or something like that.