More Ryth goodness

At Risus Monkey the findings about The Ryth Chronicle continue: An installment #10 (the final one ending the Chronicle) has been uncovered and posted. Grab it and read it - great stuff! Additional Kesher at the Sandbox Empire has started to read the Ryth Chronicle from cover to cover. Here you can find the first post about it - again great stuff! Finally Risus Monkey started a Q&A for the Ryth Chronicle which is yet more cool stuff. Both have been added to the reference section for TFG. I totally enjoy these glimpses into the very early days as they IMHO contain a raw strength that I never found in the ancient retellings of happenings in Greyhawk and Blackmoor... probably due to the fact that I am able to see the stats of the characters, their items and get pretty detailed campaign accounts. Marvelous!

Getting sidetracked... now the other way round...

Hi everyone! I just wanted to let you know the reasons behind the sudden silence over here at The Fantasy Game: I'm known for having too many hobby interests :-)