Getting sidetracked... now the other way round...

Hi everyone! I just wanted to let you know the reasons behind the sudden silence over here at The Fantasy Game: I'm known for having too many hobby interests :-)

While I never found it difficult to focus my professional work efforts I always have been interested in way too much stuff as I blogged on my personal blog (here and here). Now this has happened to The Fantasy Game. During my last vacation at the beginning of June my interest (nay, my old love) for ADOM (Ancient Domains Of Mystery) and its planned successor JADE (Java-based Ancient Domains Engine) have been rekindled. ADOM is a so-called roguelike game that I developed during the nineties gaining a huge followership during the heyday of Usenet and the early days of Internet. Since 2000 it has languished pretty much as I had less and less time for the game. The successor to ADOM - JADE - has been planned for about 12 years and in June I finally pulled my stuff together and finished everything required for a very first alpha release. Now JADE is out and I have spent every free minute of the past weeks improving it and reaping the rewards of the tough infrastructure efforts that go with an initial game release.

So there you have it. The Fantasy Game is definitely not dead but as you will have noticed it's taking kind of a pause. I'll try to pick up speed slowly again but I expect to be posting pretty little over the next couple of weeks. Stay tuned and thanks for your understanding!

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