It's been a long time...

...since I last wrote anything in this blog. I had (and still have) a blast focussing on another passion - Ancient Domains Of Mystery (ADOM). Nonetheless The Fantasy Game keeps popping to the forefront of my mind while dabbling with the planned RPG rules for ADOM and the impending release of D&D 5th edition also resparked my interested in old school gaming.


Have a great 2012

While all activity on this blog ceased suddenly and unexpectedly the reasons for it where sound in retrospective. I wish you all a happy and great 2012 and I promise: I'll be back at some point!


More Ryth goodness

At Risus Monkey the findings about The Ryth Chronicle continue: An installment #10 (the final one ending the Chronicle) has been uncovered and posted. Grab it and read it - great stuff! Additional Kesher at the Sandbox Empire has started to read the Ryth Chronicle from cover to cover. Here you can find the first post about it - again great stuff! Finally Risus Monkey started a Q&A for the Ryth Chronicle which is yet more cool stuff. Both have been added to the reference section for TFG. I totally enjoy these glimpses into the very early days as they IMHO contain a raw strength that I never found in the ancient retellings of happenings in Greyhawk and Blackmoor... probably due to the fact that I am able to see the stats of the characters, their items and get pretty detailed campaign accounts. Marvelous!

Getting sidetracked... now the other way round...

Hi everyone! I just wanted to let you know the reasons behind the sudden silence over here at The Fantasy Game: I'm known for having too many hobby interests :-)


Primordial OD&D: A Chainmail fantasy simulacrum

Alan Kesher provided links to work he started on a kind of primordial OD&D. Or as he more appropriately phrased it: a Chainmail Fantasy Supplement simulacrum. Although it's not complete I find this fascinating stuff that I directly added to the references section of 'The Fantasy Game' and will also study over the next weeks.



The Ryth Chronicle: A fan-based setting as important as Greyhawk or Blackmoor?

Today marks yet another great day in OSR research: ... over at Risus Monkey posted the PDF scans of the Ryth Chronicle, an 80 page document stemming from the very early days of our hobby, written on a typewriter around 1975-1977 in order to introduce new players into the campaign.


The Fantasy Game: A d6 only game?

The past couple of days I have been a bit silent, studying "The Big Brown Book" (also newly added to the reference section), "Epées & Sorcellerie RPG", "Using CHAINMAIL to resolve OD&D combat" and "Forbidden Lore". I mentioned it a couple of times and now I am sure concerning the use of dice in 'The Fantasy Game'.


Epées & Sorcellerie RPG now available

Picking up Nicolas Dessaux' recent comment about the extended reference section of 'The Fantasy Game' I just wanted to point to the most recent post at There's Dungeons Down Under: the Epées & Sorcellerie RPG now is available as a free download from Lulu as well as a print edition. I already added the print edition to my shopping cart  but now need to find some more new releases that make the shipping costs worthwhile. Suggestions welcome ;-) Naturally I also added it to the references section for 'The Fantasy Game' in order to see which inspiration might be derived from it. I'll probably post an opinion about the game soon, too.
(BTW: What font is that in the logo? Love it!)


Opinions about the Dungeon Crawl Classics RPG beta release

Now that everyone is talking about the beta release of the Dungeon Crawl Classics RPG from Goodman Games I felt the need to chime in, too, as I love to look at their upcoming product from a designers and a players point of view. I will try to comment it after a casual glance. My viewpoint will be very strongly 'The Fantasy Game' based as DCC RPG seems to take a similar philosophical viewpoint for its design but a very different technical design route (quote from their website: "Return to the glory days of fantasy with the Dungeon Crawl Classics Role Playing Game. Adventure as 1974 intended you to, with modern rules grounded in the origins of sword & sorcery.").


New reference material added: Forbidden Lore & Consolidated OD&D rules

I just added two new references to the references section of this blog:
I'm probably soon going to jump around a bit more in the LBB as I am itching to get to the combat section of the game. The goal here is primarily to have a playable rule set as soon as possible and the combat rules are the most pressing (and missing) part right now. Since I do not have any experience with Chainmail I will have to do quite some research. The goal here will be to present a more or less unified combat ruleset closely matching the intention of Chainmail. More soon...