OD&D manual I from cover to cover: Forward

First of all: Is that a nice trifle with words or a bad typo? "Forward" might be a great call to take action in the exciting field of fantasy wargaming or a very bad typo (correct me - I'm just a native German - but I would have expected "Foreword").
In any case it shows a direction and IMHO the text stresses this pretty well. It mentions the many people already engaged in fantasy wargaming, from the defunct Castles & Crusades society to the ongoing campaigns of Blackmoor and Greyhawk. And it right away manages to spark ones imagination by mentioning a mysterious Great Kingdom and the even more alien Egg of Coot. You just can start to wonder...

The best message of this section of the rules IMHO is the clear emphasis on campaign gaming. Campaigns are seen to be the area where the game excels most and this IMHO is as it should be as there is enough material for people who just want to push around miniatures. Miniatures even are added as just some nice decoration for games but as being in no way required for anything.

This in itself is a remarkable feat as far as I am concerned, because the rules convincingly manage to leave behind their humble roots. Despite many years of miniature gaming all the associated customs are done away with and prospective readers are put into a much more imaginative mindset... filled with ongoing campaigns instead of one shot battles, with mysterious and changing locations instead of limited game boards, with rules that bring to life the worlds of the great fantasy writers of the time (Leiber, de Camp, Pratt, Howard, Burroughs are the ones primarily mentioned).

Thus the forward (or foreword for what it's worth) ends with great promise. Promise that now needs to be fulfilled by the rules but how could you fail with such a novel and enticing idea? And the authors know they won't... more in the next installment.

P.S.: I have no idea what kind of forward/foreword TFG will receive... that's really something to be laid down when the journey is over and the game is complete.

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